Summer fruits to our rescue!

Here in West Bengal, summer means all sweaty 😦 In order to stay fresh one needs to take of their diet & what can be better than having a bowl full of fruits! Yes! No matter how hot & humid summer can be,but I lovvve it bcoz of the amazing fruits I get to eat in summer. Today I’m gonna share some popular summer fruits which can be eaten during summer.



Well apart from being my favorite fruit, Mango is also most popular summer fruit here in West Bengal. The famous ‘Aam Panna’ made of mangoes, can give you much relief once you have it after being burned in sun. West Bengal has varieties of Mango types – Himsagar (my favorite), Langra, Fazli, Gulabkhas, Bombai, Amrapalli, Kishan Bhog.



This is that perfect fruit which keeps us moving in this hot humid summer with it’s sweet watery taste. According to me a glass of watermelon juice is refreshing as well as healthy. Hydrates us instantly & is also filled with major vitamins like A, B6 & C.

3.Tender coconut


Tender coconut water helps to sooth your body in burning sun. It’s cooling effects works like wonder making you cool inside out. It also eliminates the risk of kidney stone. I think having this instead of cold drinks in much better because this is chemical free & pure natural. It acts as an anti-dote to the side-effects of medicines.



This tropical fruit is tasty & healthy as well. As the summer arrives vendor can be seen selling these yummy delights. It increases metabolism & also lowers the risk of heart problems. It’s nutritious cooling effects helps to beat the summer heat.

5. Palm


Now this is one of the tastiest & coolest fruit to save yourself for scorching sun of summer. This is one of the most popular vendor items during summer in my locality. West Bengal is filled with palm trees, so I’m glad that we won’t ever be missing this amazing fruit. It is also known as Taal/Ice apple/Nunugu.


Hope you try all of these ASAP if you haven’t tried them yet. These 5 delicious fruits are loaded with health benefits & they make my summer awesome. I wait for summer just to sink my teeth into all of these 🙂 That’s all folks! Keep looking for my blog posts. Have a great day ahead.

Love, phoenixX ❤

Kadhai Paneer Recipe!

Hey folks,

Firstly Happy Mother’s day to all of you 🙂 On this special day I want to share my mom’s special Kadhai Paneer recipe with all of u. Here goes the recipe ~


  1. Paneer (250gms-cubed)
  2. Capsicum (2 pcs)
  3. Onion (4 pcs)
  4. Tomato (1 pc)
  5. Ginger (1 large slice)
  6. Red chili powder (1/2 teaspoon)
  7. Bay leaf ( 2 pcs)
  8. Cinnamon (1 pc)
  9. Ghee (3 tablespoon)
  10. Cloves (2 pcs)
  11. Chilli flakes


  • Mix onion slices, tomato slices, ginger, salt, red chilli paste & grind it well in a mixer grinder.
  • Add ghee in a pan & let it boil
  • Put bay leaves, cloves & cinnamon in pan
  • Now add that tomato-onion paste in it
  • Keep stirring it in slightly lower flame until the ghee separates from the paste
  • Then add paneer & capsicum & cook in low flame
  • Taste if the salt is alright in it or else add some
  • When the capsicum is properly cooked, the dish is ready to be served
  • Garnish with chilli flakes (you can use something else too as you like)



My mom always makes this for me, but today on this special occasion of Mother’s Day, I cooked this for mom, & she was overjoyed 🙂 Try this at home & let me know how was the taste.

Love, phoenixX ❤

Swipe Konnect 5.1 Review

Hi friends,

Today I’m gonna blog about my new pick… Swipe Konnect 5.1. I know it’s a bit late to post a review but I believe in a phrase “Better late than never” 🙂 We all do right?


I needed to buy a smartphone, I was very much confused as my budget was very low like below 5k. So I was busy with online researching for a good enough smartphone which looks good too (I know too much to ask for 😛 ). Then I came across this lovely looking Swipe Konnect 5.1. Price was within my budget (4.3 k), available in 3 lovely colors (Black,Blue and Red) and last but not the least attractive features! I looked for some reviews and found most reviews are positive, so without wasting time I got the blue one.


With a great display size of 5 inches, the Swipe Konnect 5.1 comes with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage expandable upto 32 GB. This dual sim smartphone is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core processor. A selfie-lover like me is amazed with it’s 3.2 MP front camera, and also primary one of 8 MP. I can say I’m loving Swipe Konnect 5.1. Inside the box there was-

  1. Mobile set
  2. AC Power Adapter
  3. Headset
  4. USB Cable
  5. Battery
  6. User Manual
  7. Warranty Card

I’ve listed a few pros and cons according to my experience till now. Hope you find it useful.

Pros –

  • Good battery backup of 3000 mAh
  • Rear & front camera of 8 MP & 3.2 MP respectively
  • Sleek size, weights 156 g
  • Great display  of 5 inches
  • Available in cool colors (Red, Blue & Black)
  • Pocket-friendly
  • 1.2 GHz  quad-core processor
  • Dual sim
  • Sound quality is also good

Cons –

  • Headset provided is not comfy for ears (I’m not talking about the sound)
  • Heats up while you charge it and use it at the same time
  • Camera zoom is not that good

Fellas, If you are looking for a smartphone within the price range of 5k, must have great looks, nice front camera, good display & battery backup (at least I look for these 😀 ) then Swipe Konnect 5.1 is a must-buy for you. I’m having a great experience using it 🙂

I hope my review would help in case you are having difficulty in choosing a smartphone within 5k. You people can share your thoughts too regarding the same in comments section 🙂

Love, phoenixX ❤

Craftsvilla – Ultimate Jewellery Destination

I love to wear jewellerys. Whenever I’m wearing ethnic outfit, I look for heavy earrings, bangles, neck piece, rings etc. Even I love to pair up western outfits with peppy light jewellerys! 🙂

Lately I’ve been looking for some new type of jewellerys in online shopping sites. The b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l collection by Craftsvilla has caught my eyes! YES! Craftsvilla is full of some amazing and trendy jewellerys. So all of you lovely ladies, your search finally ends here at Craftsvilla 😉

Craftsvilla has plenty of amazing Necklace sets, those who love to wear traditional outfits will definitely go ga-ga over those! I was never so much fond of heavy jewellery but after seeing those great Craftsvilla collections I ended up falling for those ❤

There are Necklaces, Earrings, Anklets, Bracelets & Bangles, Rings, Pendants, Maang Tikkas, Brooches, Waist Belts, Toe Rings, Armlets-Bajuband, Mangalsutra, Nose Pins and other jewellery items available in hundreds of  beautiful designs. Craftsvilla is the place where  every jewellery-lover wants to be. All kinds of new and trendy jewellerys can be found here in amazingly reasonable price.

Since Mother’s Day is coming and my mom is really very fond of jewellerys, I plan to surprise her with a lovely Necklace or Mangalsutra from Craftsvilla. The Mangalsutra collection is too good and I’m getting confused which one to buy. Craftsvilla never bores their buyers and keeps adding new different and trendy designs in their collection.Jewellery designs are really awesome here.

Not only heavy jewellerys, if you like peppy designs it can also be found here in Craftsvilla. Plenty of choices and amazing jewellery designs. Craftsvilla offers so many great choices that girls can’t go for any other shopping sites after looking at Craftsvilla collections.

Craftsvilla has it’s own way to please customers 🙂

  • A wide range of jewellery collection
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Various types of traditional jewellery
  • Awesome jewellery designs
  • Great delivery system
  • Cool and trendy choices
  • Available in app too

If you are selective about what you wear and like to see 500 items before finalizing one then I think you should check Craftsvilla jewellery collections. With Craftsvilla you don’t have to surf that much, because Craftsvilla is FULL of lovely jewellerys which can make you fall for them in a glimpse.

Searching is easy too… just tick inside the box which type of jewellery you want. For easier surfing there are color boxes too. After choosing the type you can choose the color in which you would like to get your jewellery. Select your desired price range. Tadaaa!! pretty pretty jewellerys in amazing designs will dance in front of your eyes 🙂

Go for it girls! Visit Craftsvilla now and get your desired piece of beauty ❤ just like I did. Why compromise when better choices are there waiting for you! Shop from Craftsvilla and be awesome 🙂

Look for more at

Love, phoenixX ❤

Too much heat to handle!

Hi all,

Apologies!!! I couldn’t post any blogs in last 2-3 days 😦 I was stuck with some online campaigns, sudden guest-appearings 😛 blah blah blah

As you guys know it’s vote going on here in West Bengal, political parties screaming at each other, doing crazy things. West Bengal really goes crazy during polling. Politics is a twissssssted tale.

Moreover this HOT summer has soaked away all my energy 😦 People are having sun-strokes. Too much to handle.

Anyways these sudden guest appearings has made me try some dishes. One of them I really want to blog about. It’s a veg dish and hopefully I’ll post it real soon. Sunday is a bliss… ❤ Keep rocking guys and stay hydrated, don’t let this summer fade your glamour and confidence 🙂

Love, phoenixX ❤

Top 5 beauty hacks for girls!

Heya girls,

Today I’m gonna blog about some useful as well as interesting beauty hacks. I know some of you people already know some or all of these hacks, but I want to make sure more and more girls get to know about these amazing tips 🙂 So let’s get started… shall we?


  1. To set your lipstick properly, apply a tissue paper over your lips when you are done applying lipstick, and then apply some powder over the tissue paper. This way your lipstick will last long and also will be perfectly set.


2. After applying your nail paint, dip your newly painted nails inside a bowl full of cold water for sometime. It’ll make the nail paint dry fast and also give it a glowing look. I know it sounds wacky but it really worked with me !


3. Wanna get a matte finish with your glossy polish? No! it’s not too much to ask for 😛 Just add lil bit of corn starch in your clear polish. You will get your desired look 😉


4. We all hate greasy hair days..aren’t we? It’s even worse when you are having a party but you don’t have enough time to shampoo and also you are out of dry shampoo 😦 Miserable right? Apply baby powder on your hairline, and rub it. It’ll give your hair a quick fix for party 🙂


5. While applying mascara, use a business card behind your lashes to keep the mascara off eyelid. We don’t want the mascara messing up with our eye shadow 😀

Phew!! It was a tough job to choose the top 5 beauty tips among alllll those amazing super effective tips. I know these useful beauty hacks will do wonders for you girls 😉 Cheers! Will blog about some other girly beauty issue in my upcoming posts. Till then keep rocking :*

Love, phoenixX ❤

World Heritage Day – Popular Indian sites!

Hey guys, today is World Heritage Day 🙂 so I decided to blog about some of our Indian beauties which has caught the eyeballs of millions of people, not just in India, worldwide!!

From beautiful Taj Mahal to amazing Sundarbans…India is enriched with such mind-blowing World Heritage sites. Let’s talk about some poplar World Heritage sites of India which has been able to grab the special attention of UNESCO, and also being absolutely loved by tourists 😀

1. Taj Mahal


This monument of love was built in the loving memory of Shah Jahan’s wife Mumtaz post her demise. Taj Mahal is perfectly designed with Persian and earlier Mughal architecture. This spot in Agra tops the must-visit list of every tourist coming here in India from other countries.

2. Qutb Minar

Qutb minar

It is the tallest brick minaret in the world (72.5 m). It has been named after emperor Qutub-ud-din Aibak. Qutb Minar attracts a huge number of Indian and foreigner tourists becoming one of the popular World Heritage sites of India.

3. Sundarbans


Sundarban means ‘Beautiful forest’ in Bengali, and it really does justice to it’s name. A large number of various plants and animals can be found here. But Sundarbans is most famous for Royal Bengal tigers and Sundari trees. A vast number of tourists visit this amazing spot of West Bengal every year.

4. Kaziranga National Park


This is the perfect destination for you if you wanna see one-horned rhinoceroses. Kaziranga National Park, in Assam, is a home for many other species of birds and animals. A large number of visitors come over here making it one of the popular places in India.

5. Khajuraho Temples


The Khajuraho Temples was built during the rule of the Rajput-Chandela dynasty. The Khajuraho temples feature a variety of art work, of which 10% is erotic structure outside and inside the temples. Tourists visit this temple in huge numbers to witness the architectural and artistic works displayed here.


India is enriched with so many other World Heritage sites as well. But I decided to post about popular as well as my favorite ones 🙂 Though I haven’t been in all of the World Heritage Sites of India… But once I’m done seeing them with my own eyes, I’m gonna bore you guys with a lonnng blog post about it 😛

India is really beautifully perfectly incredible ❤ What say folks? ^_^

Love, phoenixX ❤