Review ~ ‘The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara’

Change is always good and we must go through changes to keep ourselves stress-free, so this time I tried reading a supernatural thriller – ‘The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara’ by S. V. Sujatha. I’m glad that I went through this book which gave mythology a whole new look. Based on Chottanikkara, a small village in Kerala, S. V. Sujatha narrates a horrifying story of demons.  This book gives us the perfect definition of ‘Demon’. We might think demons are myth, they don’t exist, but this book argues with those thoughts of us.

What are demons? Nasty looking blood-sucking creatures? No! Demon is within each of us. Some of us fight with it & conquer it, while some succumb to temptation, greed or lust, feeding our inner demon more and making it more powerful. S. V. Sujatha presents such a horrifying tale wrapped in a mythological outlook which gave me goosebumps. In this book different types of demons are mentioned ; brahmarakshasas (former priests who have become demons after committing horrid sins), kollivaipei (they have torches of fire in place of mouth), mohini pisaacha (seduces the prey by taking the form of a beautiful girl and sucks his breath out), vethalaam (clings to the back of the victims making them suffer), jalpisaacha (stays in unused water & waits for someone to jump in so that it can possess them), pretha (feeds on the bodies of half-burnt corpses & covered with hyena like fur). Inspite of all these deadly demons lurking outside the village, the people of Chottanikkara sleeps in peace as their protector Devi is always around. Devi, a young girl, raised by former bandit Kannappa & trained by mighty Parasurama, is the demon hunter of Chottanikkara who slays all the demons along with her pet lion Ugra and keeps her village safe. Devi also helps the possessed ones to get back to normal life by performing exorcism. Kannappa thinks she’s a gift of God. Villagers worship her like a Goddess & calls her ‘Amme’.


Devi takes care of all the blood-thirsty demons while people of Chottanikkara stays peacefully. But all hell breaks loose on the arrival of a new demon called Yakshi. The Yakshi not only sucks out blood like other demons, it devours the flesh and all the organs of it’s prey & hides all the bones. For the first time Devi is taken aback when her iron weapons do not harm the Yakshi like any other demon. The ruthless monster is immune to all the weapons Devi has. The Yakshi is on killing spree while Devi, unable to stop it, tries to know more about it from Parasurama. He advises her to find the past of Yakshi in order to kill it. Devi meets two girls Miricha and Ela inside the jungle & feels strange connection. While following the trails of past Devi finds so many unknown truths which shakes her world completely. She has got life-changing decisions to take. Will she be able to stop Yakshi and save her villagers?

To know the answer you better read the book, I don’t want to spoil your soaring curiosity. The book also deals with some issues like domestic violence & child abuse. Our world needs more bravehearts like Devi. I was so excited reading this book that I almost skipped my meals. 😛 Do share your feedback once you read the book. 🙂

Love, phoenixX ❤



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