Review ~ ‘A Life of Adventure and Delight’

Wow! Just finished reading Akhil Sharma’s ‘A Life of Adventure and Delight’. A deadly combo of eight tender and darkly comic stories which will leave you awestruck. Eight stories with eight different protagonists dealing with eight different problems. We all can relate at least to one of these eight stories, based on the lives of common people, some of these stories bring out the bitter truth of today’s life, while some of them will inspire you.


These stories won’t make you think that life is a fairy tale where happily ever after exists, rather these stories will give you a reality check making you more thoughtful. One can discover the true meaning of life.

Gopal, a divorcee, tries to woo his pretty neighbour Mrs. Shaw by reading women’s magazines. Being tired of his loneliness Gopal seeks solace in the company of Mrs. Shaw.

Ajay’s world turns upside down when his brother Birju becomes brain dead after an unfortunate accident. While his parents struggle to deal with this, Ajay does every possible thing to bring back his brother as well as his happy family.

The protagonist becomes awestruck after seeing the massive transformation of his cousin Manshu, whom he hated. The way Manshu takes care of a sick woman makes the protagonist change his heart about Manshu.

Anita wakes up one-day surprisingly falling in love with her husband Rajinder like never before. It is shown an arranged marriage is never loveless as we may think.

Gautama struggles hard to keep his sexual longing aside and lead a normal life. His liking towards Nirmala takes a different turn as the time passes by.

Prasad Kumar makes every possible effort to ensure further success of his elder son Arun. While Arun’s mother Indira can’t put up with the modern approach of Arun’s newly-wed wife Namrita.

Lakshman is finding it hard to stop the growing rift between his father and his drunkard mother. He is devastated to find about his father’s affair and misses his old joyous mother after she’s sent to detox.

Pavan falls for Betsy, his beautiful office colleague, and tries to figure out if she’s the one for him. But when he finds out his fate it’s too late.

All the stories also deliver social messages as well, from dowry system to alcohol addiction, this book deals with so many social issues. The strongest message was that how the bond shared my a couple can deeply affect their child. The protagonists teach us how to create meaningful relationships in a darkly comical way. While I loved the last story the most, the sixth story failed to impress me. Maybe the presence of so many characters created a congestion thus making the story unnecessarily exaggerated. This is solely my opinion, you may find the story interesting. Over-all a beautiful book that gives some amazing life lessons making us more aware about the society we live in. Excited to read another Akhil Sharma book soon.

Love, phoenixX ❤


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