Review ~ ‘Looking For The Rainbow’

Monsoon has finally arrived in India. I just love watching rain from my window & have ice cream or some snacks. I was never fond of tea & stopped having coffee after reading a stupid article about how caffeine can be a harmful addiction causing health issues. This is how my love for reading created a permanent rift between me and my coffee. Although I have coffee occasionally, twice or thrice a year maybe. Sigh!

Anyways forget it! Monsoon always fuels by bibliophile nature by turning me into a couch potato during weekends. I prefer to indulge into good books than partying or going for shopping during weekends. Last weekend I picked one of my favourite Ruskin Bond’s ‘Looking For The Rainbow’ & loved every bit of it. 😍


‘Looking For The Rainbow’ took me back to my school days, as I kept finishing a chapter, flashback of my childhood days started to peak through my memory lanes. As the subtitle “my years with daddy” suggests, this book depicts Ruskin Bond’s memorable days with his father Mr. Aubrey Bond. His parents got separated and a stepfather was about to enter his life when he decided to stay with his father in Delhi. While world was in middle of a war, this little kid was fighting a war inside, with so many unanswered questions regarding his parents. He tried to suppress those by helping his dad with his rare stamp collection & spending time with him after work. He learnt so many things from his dad at a young age, like checking shoes before wearing it, boiling eggs, organising the stamp collection. Ruskin’s father took care of him so efficiently despite of his busy schedule. He took his kid to movies, restaurants or short trips whenever he got a little free time. He was seen giving wise advice to his son when he asked Ruskin not to reply to a mockery & to ignore it. Their strong bond became stronger when his father was hospitalized & Ruskin missed his presence more than anything.

Ruskin trusted his father and agreed to join school in Shimla. He undoubtedly missed his life with his father but also made a lot of friends there. Letters and parcels from his father is what kept Ruskin reminding that his father is his only family. Few incidents of Shimla was too funny, but my favourite one is that weird soup made by Ruskin with strawberry jam in it which caused indigestion to all those who had it. 😁

No matter how much Ruskin wanted to, he couldn’t live a longer time with his dear father. A father loves his children more than anything, but he’s unable to show it most of the time. We can feel his importance only when he isn’t around, guiding us, giving us advice, helping us clearing mess, protecting us, encouraging us, inspiring us. A good read indeed. A refreshing book which helps to relax, keeps your mind calm and remember good old days. And also it’ll make you understand your father better, thus making the bond you two share stronger than ever.

Love, phoenixX ❤


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