Review~ ‘Ancient Chants for modern living’

Reading books is my favorite hobby since childhood, my dad used to read story books to me. I’m an avid reader & love to read books of all genre. Recently, while looking for a unique kinda book, I came across ‘Ancient Chants for modern living’ by Aatmanika Ram.This book is a home of lots of Sanskrit & Tamil shlokas & devotional songs, very useful for both young & old. For me, this book is the ultimate key of our emotional well being. πŸ™‚



Here in this book, the author suggests different kinds of chants or shlokas to overcome our daily life problems like anxiety, stress, fear etc. According to author, chanting shlokas are very effective to calm down your soul, focus better & fight with emotional problems. It also gives us mental strength to deal with physical problems as well.

In this book,there is pronunciation guide for the shlokas & also all the meanings of them are written in English so that it’s easier to understand. ‘Ancient Chants for modern living’ gives you immense power to bring peace & fight with your inner devil (i.e. the emotional trouble you are going through).I found this book really handy as I was suffering from a mental breakdown after my paternal aunt’s death.

There are different kinds of shlokas to deal with various kinds of mental issues like to overcome obstacles, to bring peace, to focus better finding a lost item, to overcome anxiety, to overcome the fear of spouse’s wellbeing, to fix martial discord, for betterment of relationships, to cherish family, to overcome guilt, to drive away emotional problems, to nourish oneself, to gain knowledge & wisdom to rise above ignorance, to excel in education, to build self confidence, to ward off evil eye, for golden years of life. There are shlokas to deal with physical health issues as well; eg- to heal the body, the wounds, the eyes, the back, the stomach, female & male reproductive organs, wholesomeness & bliss.

Aatmanika Ram gives tribute to our ancestors through this book as it was them who discovered the benefits of devotional songs & shlokas. Author also spoke here of some temples to visit which is a great way to relax & connect with our rich heritage. A great book which casts a soothing effect over our mind & body. The questionnaire about the effectiveness of chanting shlokas is simply amazing & makes the book more appealing. ‘Ancient Chants for modern living’ is a must read book to cope up with all the problems which has become our companion in our fast paced life. Β I’d suggest you guys to grab a copy of this book, it’s such a bliss. It’s currently available at Amazon. Do read it & don’t forget to share your experience here. πŸ™‚

Love, phoenixX ❀


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