Summer fruits to our rescue!

Here in West Bengal, summer means all sweaty 😦 In order to stay fresh one needs to take of their diet & what can be better than having a bowl full of fruits! Yes! No matter how hot & humid summer can be,but I lovvve it bcoz of the amazing fruits I get to eat in summer. Today I’m gonna share some popular summer fruits which can be eaten during summer.



Well apart from being my favorite fruit, Mango is also most popular summer fruit here in West Bengal. The famous ‘Aam Panna’ made of mangoes, can give you much relief once you have it after being burned in sun. West Bengal has varieties of Mango types – Himsagar (my favorite), Langra, Fazli, Gulabkhas, Bombai, Amrapalli, Kishan Bhog.



This is that perfect fruit which keeps us moving in this hot humid summer with it’s sweet watery taste. According to me a glass of watermelon juice is refreshing as well as healthy. Hydrates us instantly & is also filled with major vitamins like A, B6 & C.

3.Tender coconut


Tender coconut water helps to sooth your body in burning sun. It’s cooling effects works like wonder making you cool inside out. It also eliminates the risk of kidney stone. I think having this instead of cold drinks in much better because this is chemical free & pure natural. It acts as an anti-dote to the side-effects of medicines.



This tropical fruit is tasty & healthy as well. As the summer arrives vendor can be seen selling these yummy delights. It increases metabolism & also lowers the risk of heart problems. It’s nutritious cooling effects helps to beat the summer heat.

5. Palm


Now this is one of the tastiest & coolest fruit to save yourself for scorching sun of summer. This is one of the most popular vendor items during summer in my locality. West Bengal is filled with palm trees, so I’m glad that we won’t ever be missing this amazing fruit. It is also known as Taal/Ice apple/Nunugu.


Hope you try all of these ASAP if you haven’t tried them yet. These 5 delicious fruits are loaded with health benefits & they make my summer awesome. I wait for summer just to sink my teeth into all of these 🙂 That’s all folks! Keep looking for my blog posts. Have a great day ahead.

Love, phoenixX ❤


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