Too much heat to handle!

Hi all,

Apologies!!! I couldn’t post any blogs in last 2-3 days 😦 I was stuck with some online campaigns, sudden guest-appearings 😛 blah blah blah

As you guys know it’s vote going on here in West Bengal, political parties screaming at each other, doing crazy things. West Bengal really goes crazy during polling. Politics is a twissssssted tale.

Moreover this HOT summer has soaked away all my energy 😦 People are having sun-strokes. Too much to handle.

Anyways these sudden guest appearings has made me try some dishes. One of them I really want to blog about. It’s a veg dish and hopefully I’ll post it real soon. Sunday is a bliss… ❤ Keep rocking guys and stay hydrated, don’t let this summer fade your glamour and confidence 🙂

Love, phoenixX ❤


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